Mime/Sign/Drill(Step)/Dance Team
Mime/Sign/Drill(Step)/Dance Team
National Judging Criteria:
Spirituality - Is the routine relevant to the Christian faith?
Interpretation - How well are the dancers interpreting the song?
Poise - How well does the dance flow or move without hesitation?
Coordination/Dress - Uniformed-all in same, modest attire?
Appearance - Did they maintain a cohesive form?
Synchronization - How well did the dancers move in unity?
Music Selection - Was the music appropriate for the interpretation?
Originality - Were the uniforms unique?
Creativity - How artistic and imaginative was the routine?
AIM Competition Dress Code 
Uniforms may range from T-shirts and  skirts or long pants to Professional uniforms. T-shirts may display the Church/Jurisdiction logo. Sashes are acceptable. Females must wear dresses or skirts of appropriate length (at or below the knee. Blouses or shirts must not be shear or revealing. Teams that violate this policy will not be allowed to perform or compete. Males must wear pants and shirts (with some sort of sleeve), no shorts. Teams that violate this policy will not be allowed to perform or compete. Shoes and socks or nylons must be worn. Uniformity and Christian modesty is the key during judging.
Mime/Sign/Drill(Step)/Dance Team
Judging Form
(3 categories – 1 judge for each category)
Drill Team Name: ____________________________________
Local Church or District Name: __________________________
Dance ¡¼ Sign ¡¼ Step ¡¼ Other ¡¼ __________
9 – 10 points Excellent
7 – 8 points Superior
5 – 6 points Good
3 – 4 points Fair
1 – 2 points Poor
0 points no obvious attempt at compliance
Beginning Time: _____ Ending Time: _____ Total Time*: _____
Time limit is 3-5 minutes.
I. General Appearance ________ pts.
II. Execution of Maneuvers ________ pts.
III. Vocal Performance ________ pts.
Performance Total ________ pts.
Time Deductions ________ pts.
Total ________ pts
____________________                           _________________________
Judge’s Signature                                     Chief Judge’s Signature