Mathematic Olympiad
Math Olympiad

Mathematic Olympiad
Mathematics and science are the foundation upon which rests America’s leadership in innovation and its economic prominence. 
During the past century, an “educated elite” provided the mathematics and science expertise required to build and sustain America’s economic and scientific leadership in a world whose focus evolved from agricultural to industrial to informational. 
Competence in mathematics and science are thus essential to us as individuals and as a nation.  We all have a stake in ensuring that all of America’s children are educated properly in these fields.  We must move quickly to achieve significant improvements in the participation of all our children in mathematics and science.  Failure to improve and expand our mathematics and science base guarantees America’s immediate and accelerated decline in economic leadership and global influence.
Mathematics Awareness Month
Mathematics Awareness Month, held each year in April, was created to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics. It began in 1986, when President Reagan issued a proclamation establishing National Mathematics Awareness Week. The website,, will provide theme essays, related resources, and you can download a 8.5 x 11” copy of the 2013 poster, “Mathematics of Sustainability.”  Online this poster is interactive and will provide valuable information on the theme. Other curriculum resources may be found at
The SMM Mathematics Competition gives students in grades 3 -12 an opportunity to participate and win the AIM International Mathematics Trophy in several categories.  As coordinators of this competition, we want to encourage and promote excellence in mathematics. We look forward to seeing you.